Early Registration Date
24 May 2019
Abstract Submission Deadline
15 October 2019
Our congress is approved by EthicalMedtech.


Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to invite you to 15th Turkish Emergency Medicine Congress. As the most prestigious congress of the emergency medicine society, This congress aims to bring emergency medicine enthusiasts together with its scientific program. We will host our guests with a heavy agenda at Regnum Carya Convetion Center which was widely enjoyed during 2017 ACEM and 2018 EACEM.

Emergency medicine has been recognized in our country as a speciality for more than 25 years. Turkish emergency medicine continues to grow every year. Each year, more emergency medicine specialists find themselves a spot in healthcare system. Our ever growing society is the fundamental motivation of Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey to hold better congresses each time. Our society has been and continues to be the greatest supporter of emergency medicine specialists, healthcare professionals and Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey since the very beginning until now. Publications, scientific events and trainings of our association have always been the reason for preference amongst emergency medicine institutions and organizations, emergency medicine specialists, practitioners and medical residents. 

Unfortunately, violence is on rise in almost all fields of medicine, particularly in our society that tries to bear the majority of patient load in our country as a medical speciality after challenging periods of study. Although we all try to take care of our patients in the best way possible while encountering this reality during each night duty, we are forced to work under this additional stress. All of us need to discuss, share experiences, talk about our challenges and seek ways to address problems. For all of these reasons, we decided this congress theme to be “You are not alone!”. We will elaborate more on crowded emergency rooms, working conditions and daily challenges to realize once again that we are actually not alone. 

Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey holds scientific events in high standards with an interesting and busy agenda. The association is particularly after holding congresses that allows speakers and the audience to interact more and help specialists and academists to get together with smaller audiences. We believe that this is the only way to make improvements happen in learning and practicing. So this made us prioritize group trainings rather than the main hall of this  congress. We will welcome you with many social activities and innovations such as INNOVEM and 5 Minute Talks which will be held for the first time in our country by EMAT. This congress will also bring about close dialogues among the audience, exchange of knowledge and ideas, collaboration and strengthening of friendships. We invite you to a scientific event with a rich content, a social environment, comfort and sincerity to make yourself feel home. Your presence and support will be the strength of emergency medicine society. 

Best Regards,

Prof. Dr. Ersin AKSAY
President - Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey